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Fly was born in 2020 as an alternative to some of the most popular programming languages, with these main requirements:

  • To be fast
  • Easy to write and understand
  • Good, memorable syntax that was quick to write
  • To be powerful for all application

Our guideline is that: "This programming language doesn't have to do anything special, but to just make things simpler than others."

Top Features

  • Fly is based on LLVM: backend optimized and exportable for multiple platforms.
  • Multi-paradigm: Procedural, Object oriented, functional programming.
  • Duck Typing Inheritance
  • Exception handling without try-catch statement
  • Native aggregator types.
  • Package import management based on namespace.
  • Open source

Project Status

The project is at an embryonic state with Prerelease version.
You will be able to find more details about all of the working features and the state of the project in the Official Wiki.